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A program to convert between several image formats. It can large amount of files, resize
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10 August 2009

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While accessing your image collection on your PC, you may experience issues with file formats. This problem completely ruins the joy of viewing your snapshots with your near and dear ones. Such a situation calls for an efficient image converter tool that can convert various formats into the compatible ones. If you’ve not grabbed an effective tool yet, then it’s time to try out AZImage It’s a powerful image conversion tool that adeptly converts your images within four widely-known image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. Not just this, but also eventually allows uploading the converted images to Google Picassa Account. The program can convert multiple files altogether and that too with no compromises in output image quality. You can easily drag and drop images and carry out the conversion procedure with ease.

Using the AZImage you can begin adding the images or entire folder for the conversion process through ‘Images to Convert’ tab. The selected files instantly are queued up with program screen. The list you can even be saved and loaded for further usage. The application allows previewing images to confirm the correct files’ selection. Next, moving to ‘Select Format’ tab, you’ve to add and select output format to get defined output. First you’ve to choose an image format type from the dropdown list, and move to next step for defining image size. Setting file size, you can locate the Output Directory, and can enable saving errors to a log file. In addition, it lets you enable uploading images to Google Picassa Web Albums, for which you’ve to enter the username and password. Click ‘Next’ and then ‘Accept and Close’, and the format with set properties is added to the list. Now, finally press ‘Convert’ and the program would perform the conversion task while displaying the progress and related stats. Moreover, with large number of images set for conversion, you can enable options to ‘Quit when conversion finished’, ‘Hibernate when conversion finished’, or ‘Shutdown system when conversion finished’.

AZImage application facilitates easy image format conversion with user-specified attributes in few easier steps. Owing to the negotiable and intuitive feature-set coupled with reliable and quality performance, the program has been assigned with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

A program to effectively convert between several image formats. It can large amount of files, resize and correct quality on the fly. It can run also in batch mode. Features: automatic upload to Google Picasa, drag and drop files to the AZImage, integration with Windows Explorer (extending context menus for images), autoupdate over the internet, user-friendly interface, 64 bit internal image representation, plugin structure to make AZ Image simple to extend to other formats and more ...
Version 2.0.3
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